Bombendrohung auf MAN Flug

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    Drunk man causes bomb scare on flight from Manchester to Dubai

    By Alia Al Theeb, Staff Reporter
    Last updated: July 09, 2008, 10:46

    Dubai: A drunken British passenger triggered a bomb scare on an Emirates flight from Manchester to Dubai on Wednesday, Dubai airport sources told Gulf News.

    The passenger had a tiff with one of the stewardess and told her that a bomb was hidden in the aircraft, which turned out to be hoax, the sources said. The stewardess immediately informed the pilot who alerted the airport control tower, added the sources.

    All passengers were evacuated upon landing and the aircraft was searched thoroughly, the sources said.

    "Dubai airport officials alerted security officials who took all necessary precautionary measures. There was a bomb hoax and we took all safety measures to ensure that there was no untoward incident," a police officer at Dubai airport told Gulf News.

    The passenger was taken into police custody and is being questioned.

    An Emirates spokesperson said: “We can confirm there was an incident involving a passenger aboard EK20 from Manchester on Wednesday after it had landed safely in Dubai. The captain immediately alerted the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) who took charge of the situation. The passenger is now in police custody.

    "The safety of the aircraft was at no time compromised, however Emirates takes such incidents very seriously and will not tolerate disruptive passengers on board our aircraft. The comfort, safety and security of all our passengers is paramount."
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    Der Britte wollte wohl unbedingt mal in einen arabischen Knast :roll:
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    Typisch Engländer gibt denen einfach nur noch Wasser zu saufen .

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