Cheap Flights to the Philippines ?

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    Hi guys,

    I just found this forum here and registered myself to ask a few questions and hopefully I can get a few answers. In Australia we dont have such a forum so I hope to find some answers here. Iam looking for flights to Manila from Canberra or Sydney and have no clue about cheap airlines. Quantas was pretty good last year but it cost me $1200 this time and I thought you guys know something thats cheaper.
    Also, how do you like Philippine Airlines on long distance flights ?

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    Welcome to the forum f1r3ball.

    A few remarks from my side:
    - it could be a little bit difficult for you to take part in our discussions,
    because this forum is generally german spoken; posts written in english are very rare
    Perhaps an eglish spoken forum, i.e. Flyertalk, will be more useful for you
    - your quote was, probably caused by language issues, placed in the wrong section.
    If you want to have a new try, please use the section "Fliegen zum Best Price"
    (with exact requests*) or have a look to the section "Top Deals"

    * Exact means:
    Title: Route / Class / Airline / Date
    Example: FRA-BKK / Business Class / Lufthansa / 15.05.07 - 25.05.07
    or more detailled: Deutschland - Bangkok / Business / Star Alliance / 15.05. (+/- 2 days) for about 2 Weeks

    within the body has to be mentioned as a must:
    - which isthe best price YOU have found
    - Number of travellers
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    Hey mate thanks for the reply. I will post my request tonight in the forum "Fliegen zum Best Price" and hope for a good response :mrgreen:


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