We have gathered the highlights for Phantasy Star Online 2

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    Which may cause some loading issues when it comes to player versions, just like the current PSO2. Other areas contain fewer players, working like cases, and there are generally up to 32 in a zone, so you will still see loads of people running around. Although, we did notice one problem. When seeking to make or join a party, the two players should be not just on precisely the exact same block but in the same area.

    If a single individual is at North Aelio and the other is in Central Aelio, the two can not celebration. It can cause difficulties since it prevents jumping to a celebration with a friend right away or makes it difficult to locate one another on the map with no instructions. Hopefully, this is just an oversight because it might make partying somewhat bothersome.

    The character creator showed off more choices and new looks in the Prologue videos, but they weren't all available in the Beta. Howeverwe did get to see some changes. When there are no set genders, there are still a few limitations when editing or making a personality. As soon as you've chosen a body type, you're more or less locked into set clothes when editing at the salon, even though from the character creator, this is not the case, so it is unclear if that will change.

    Along with the new outfits, hairs and other choices, much of the old PSO2 wardrobe was also available to wear. It's only been given updated textures or models, and picking old or new options means locking into others. For example, a New Genesis face shape can not use classic PSO2 make-up and selecting a PSO2 outfit means locking out a number of New Genesis' body customization choices. Character animations are also customizable, like jogging, swimming and jumping, making every character unique.

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