$200 Reduktion für LH Businessflüge / nur für US-residents!

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    http://www.lufthansa.com/online/portal/ ... id=1000390


    When you purchase a Business Class ticket via lufthansa.com, you can register to receive a promotion code for $200 off your next trip.

    To be eligible for this promotion code:

    * You need to book your transatlantic Business Class trip (in C, D or Z class) on lufthansa.com.
    * Reservations must be made between Oct. 15 - Nov. 16, 2008.
    * Valid for US residents only.
    * The promotion code must be applied to a booking made by Nov. 30, 2008.
    * All travel using the promotion code must be completed by Apr. 30, 2009.
    * Only one promotion code may be applied per reservation, regardless if there are several persons travelling together.

    Before you register for the discount you'll need to make your booking. Make sure you have your reservation code handy as well as the departure flight number. There are 1,500 promotion codes available on a first-come basis.

    Vielleicht für den einen oder anderen interessant!
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    Überhaupt ganz interessant der Newsletter.

    https://newsletter.lufthansa.com/servle ... psKNgnDJht

    Doppelte meilen auf:(Winter-Miles Special 2008/09)

    sowie: (Oktober Earn Special)
    Newark–Frankfurt LH485/LH484
    Charlotte–Munich LH429/LH428
    Chicago–Frankfurt LH431/LH430 and LH433/LH432
    Chicago–Munich LH435/LH434

    Link zum registrieren im Newsletter!
    ...auch alles für non-US-residents natürlich...

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