Mit VISA zahlreich sparen in Korea

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    Mit Visa zahlen und überall in Korea vergünstigungen genießen, auch in Hotels (z.B.: 30%): ... 09_eng.pdf

    A promotion from the Korea Tourism Organization and VISA Card

    The Korea Tourism Organization and VISA Card are working together to present a huge discount promotion. VISA Card users from all over the world will be eligible for discounts on a range of merchandise, restaurants, leisure activities, and many more of Korea's attractions. Moreover visitors will also receive great discounts in Korea due to the downward trend of the Korean won against other foreign currencies.

    The discount promotion will run for one year from April 2009 to March 2010. During this period, Visa card users can pick up a discount coupon booklet that lists all the discount offers available. Locations where visitors can save money include, SK Telecom Roaming Center’s cellular phone rental service at Incheon International Airport, shopping centers throughout Seoul’s downtown areas, cosmetics shops, amusement parks, restaurants, cafes, hotels, duty free shops, and more! With at least 60 different offers available, visitors will be able to reap the benefits from the moment they arrive in Korea. Visitors who make purchases with a VISA card, and present the discount coupon booklet, can receive discounts from 5% up to 50% at participating stores and locations.

    The Korea Tourism Organization and VISA aim to beat the current downward trend of international travel through this discount promotion campaign.

    In addition, if you use your Visa card to book a tour package through a designated agency, you can also receive great discounts.

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