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    I am currently a 1K on UA. I moveed to Germany this moth and I am thinking about switching to LH. I fly most C so SEN will be no problem. I am still confused about the real benefits of SEN (especially when I fly C). I love 1K bc of the 6-8 SWU and the ability to always upgrade on domestic flights. Please help me out.

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    welcome to germany :)

    maybe, a combination of m&m and mp is the best choice for you ...?!
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    Welcome UA100k!

    Actually there is a LH MM section on flyertalk where you may be more successful in terms of english spoken discussions. If you are based in Germany the perks of LH SEN are better as airlines tend to treat their own elites better than partner elites (waitlist priority, upgrades etc.)

    The U.S. upgrade system does not work with LH so you get only 2 upgrade vouchers when (re-)qualifing. 500-milers or CR1 are unknown within LH system.

    On the other hand flying mostly C will give you a 100% bonus on flown miles plus 25% excecutive bonus when reaching status with LH. Furthermore your status is valid for two years. Beside this the award availability on LH is superior against UA.

    Other benefits like lounge access, priority check in and the blocked middle seat will work for you as a *G anyhow.

    In addition to SEN LH has got a premium status (HON) which is comparable to UA UGS but you have to achieve 600k miles (?) in two years to get that one.

    My recommendation: Stick with MP if you fly a lot on discounted Eco tickets as those give you only a few MM miles and the UA SWUs will be very useful. Change to LH MM if you fly a lot on paid C class tickets.

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