SYD or CBR to MNL ,eco, Quantas, 01/07 to 15/07 (+/- 3 days)

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    Hi guys,

    Iam looking for a cheap flight for 1 adult from Sydney or Canberra to Manila in July this year for a 2 weeks vacation.
    Dates are variable from the 27th of June to the 22nd of July. I dont care about the days between as long as I can get a good price and the 2 weeks on the Philippines.

    Thanks guys,
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    Sorry guys I forgot to give you the best price that Ive found this morning.

    Atm its Cathay Pacific with AUD895 which Is to expensive for me. Bloody Lufthansa is selling flights from Australia to Germany for $1400 and Emirates flys from Sydney to Bangkok for $700.
    Maybe you guys have a better offer for me ?

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