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    Ich habe ein Problem mit Entropay und zwar das einige Ziffern meiner virtuellen Karte durch X verdeckt sind.

    Ich habe Entropay angeschrieben was dies soll, ich habe die Karte auch bereits schon eingesetzt.

    Hatte schonmal jemand das Problem ?

    Hier die Antwort von Entropay:

    As a security measure, we regularly monitor our customer's accounts.

    In carrying out our monitoring, we have noticed that your account needs further verification in line with current regulations, and we have temporarily restricted your account.

    Your EntroPay account will be fully reactivated once we receive the following documents to prove you are the card holder.

    1.) Personal Identification: A clear copy of your Passport, Photographic Drivers Licence or I.D. Card (both sides).
    2.) Payment Verification: A clear copy of both sides of the credit/debit card (covering the middle 8 digits of the card number, and the 3 digit Card Security Code (CVV/CVV2)) and a clear copy of a recent bank statement on which your name and address are clearly visible.

    You can either fax the documents to +44 (0)207 099 8916 or you may prefer to scan and email the documents to us at documentsverification@entropay.com

    All documents are retained in a secure environment, and are only accessible to senior security personnel.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this causes but we trust that you appreciate the importance of maintaining appropriate security standards for our customer's accounts.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

    Kind Regards,

    EntroPay Security

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