Lufthansa warnt vor phishing-Mails

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    We have been receiving reports of e-mails which Miles & More members have apparently received from
    Miles & More. The subject line of these e-mails may, for example, be "Booking Confirmation Email". The sender displayed in the e-mail is seemingly Miles & More, with an address like "". In the text, a credit card charge is mentioned together with a request to print a "Passenger Itinerary Receipt" by logging into the Miles & More account through a link provided within the e-mail.

    (und falls es hier schon mal veroeffentlich war: Sorry)

    "Miles & More and its airline partners do not send e-mails of this kind. They should be deleted immediately. It must be assumed that this is a "phishing" attempt similar to those which have become known in the past related to online banking accounts. By clicking links in such e-mails, customers are led to fake websites which intercept customers' personal access codes when they try to log in.

    Please do not use any such link to access your Miles & More account! Your Miles & More service card number and PIN might be stolen and used for fraud. As with online banking, it is advisable to always access directly in your Internet browser and only log into your account when you have no doubt that you are browsing the official Miles & More website.

    In case you have already received one of these e-mails and have clicked a link in it, please check your account immediately. Should there be any suspicious activitiy or should you be unable to access your account, please contact your Miles & More Service Center."
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