eVoucher - Welche Bedingungen an die Buchungsklasse?

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  1. andreschlabe

    andreschlabe Co-Pilot

    Guten Abend,

    ist der Einsatz der eVoucher an bestimmten Buchungsklassen gebunden (Auschluss Buchungsklasse W, ... )?

    Danke für die Antworten.

  2. Krabbenkopf

    Krabbenkopf Silver Member

    Ja, innereuropäisch geht E, L und T nicht, interkont S, U und W nicht.
  3. fra_muc

    fra_muc Co-Pilot

    Ich dachte ja beinahe, das wäre falsch. Früher konnte man alles Upgraden, aber leider gelten nun wohl dieselben Regeln wie für normale Upgrades...

    http://www.lufthansa.com/online/portal/ ... e%20Upgrad

    We have compiled for you the terms that apply to your upgrade awards:

    General upgrade terms

    * The original ticket must be issued before the upgrade can be reserved. Upgrades can only be booked for confirmed routes and are subject to availability in Business or First Class.
    * The mileage of the upgrade award is based on the booking class of the ticket.
    * An upgrade award applies only to one route leg and one ticket coupon; return flights require double the amount of miles.
    * Depending on the airline, upgrades can be booked online or by telephone as an eUpgrade (electronic upgrade) or as a paper upgrade.

    Special upgrade terms of Lufthansa, Adria Airways, Air Dolomiti, Austrian Airlines Group, Croatia Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, SWISS and Condor

    * Upgrades are possible for scheduled flights operated by Lufthansa (LH), Adria Airways (JP), Air Dolomiti (EN), Austrian Airlines Group (OS), Croatia Airlines (OU), LOT Polish Airlines (LO) and SWISS (LX), and for Condor (DE) flights. Not valid on LH, JP, EN, OS, OU, LO and LX marketing flight numbers*
    * Condor excludes no booking classes; the values in the Economy B, Y column apply.
    * Upgrades are not possible in the case of especially favourable offers by LH, JP, EN, OS, OU, LO and LX.

    On European flights:
    - Adria Airways (JP) E, G, K, L, T, U
    - Austrian Airlines Group (OS) L, O, T
    - Croatia Airlines (OU) E, L, S, T, U, W
    - SWISS (LX) E, I, L, T, X
    - Lufthansa (LH), Air Dolomiti (EN) und LOT Polish Airlines (LO) E, L, T

    On intercontinental flights:
    - LOT Polish Airlines (LO) L, S, T, W
    - SWISS (LX) I, E, T, W, X
    - Lufthansa (LH), Adria Airways (JP), Air Dolomiti (EN), Austrian Airlines Group (OS) und Croatia Airlines (OU) S, W, U

    * Upgrades for LH, OS, LO and LX flights can be booked by telephone as eUpgrades and also online in the case of LH, LO and OS.
    * Domestic flight upgrades are possible only for connecting flights in combination with upgrades for intercontinental flights, and are already included in the miles for the intercontinental upgrade.
    * For upgrades with Condor, Adria Airways or Croatia Airlines, paper certificates (valid for up to 12 months) must be issued, so the booking must be made at least seven working days in advance. Express processing is also possible up to four working days before depature upon payment of a fee.
    * Further details on SWISS upgrades: www.miles-and-more.com

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