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    Validity of points

    Points earned from 1 February 2010 onwards are valid for three years. Points expire at the end of the month, and expired, unused points are automatically removed from your account. Points earned up to the end of January 2010 are valid for five years, as stated in the old rules.

    Points do not expire during membership of the Finnair Plus Platinum and Finnair Junior Plus tiers. When a Junior member reaches 18 years of age, they become a Finnair Plus tier member. Their points will be valid for three years from that date.
    Membership tier benefits

    The Finnair Plus membership tier will now affect the points accrued from Finnair flights. As a Silver tier member you will accrue 10 per cent more points than the standard level; Gold members accrue 15 per cent more and Platinum members 25 per cent more.

    The additional points increase the amount of tier points as well as award points. Tier points are accrued from Finnair and oneworld flights. Award points can be accrued from other services related to the programme, such as shopping at the Finnair PlusShop, using a Finnair Plus credit card and other separately mentioned services provided by cooperation partners.

    For example:

    A flight from Helsinki to Brussels in Economy Class will award you 824 Plus points.
    A Silver member will receive 10 per cent more points, making the total amount of points 824 + 82 = 906 Plus points.
    A Gold member will receive an additional 15 per cent more points, making the total amount of points 824 + 123 = 947 Plus points.
    A Platinum member will receive an additional 25 per cent more points, making the total amount of points 824 + 206 = 1,030 Plus points.
    Transferring points to family members

    Plus reward points can now be transferred between the accounts of family members :p . The transfer is carried out at the Finnair Plus Service Center for a cost of €20. This welcome change makes it easier to gain awards that require larger amounts of points, for example. Transferred points do not increase the amount of Finnair Plus tier points.
    Exchanging points

    You can now exchange your Finnair Plus award points for tier points. This can help you to accrue the required number of points for renewing your current membership tier or moving to a higher tier: 15,000 Plus points correspond to 5,000 tier points. The transferred tier points are valid for the duration of your current tracking period.

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