15.000 Meilen für Herald Tribune

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  1. larimar

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    Ich hoffe mal das gibs noch nicht:

    Welcome to the subscription page for Germany

    We offer morning hand delivery in over 500 towns and cities throughout Germany. Where hand delivery is not available, copies are posted to arrive on the same day in most parts of the country.

    For more information on subscribing to the IHT in Germany, please call us toll free on 00800 44 48 78 27 (0900-1700 CET, Monday-Friday) or email us: subs@iht.com

    Please select subscription type

    Special offer for Miles & More members
    Order a 6-month subscription to the International Herald Tribune for just €195 and you'll save 50% off the cover price! As a special thank-you gift, you will also receive 15,000 miles credited to your Miles & More account.

    https://secure.iht.com/subscriptions/st ... ocode=LUF8

    Vielleicht ist das ja für den einen oder anderen von Interesse

    Grüße von Lari
  2. immeriesling

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    Klingt, wenn man diese Ration in Kauf nehmen möchte, nicht schlecht. Hat jemand Erfahrungen mit denen gemacht? Wie schnell erfolgt die Meilengutschrift?

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