Visum fuer Zwischlandung in Peking ?

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  1. Ouranos80

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    Guten Morgen,

    fliege bit Air China nach BKK über Peking der Aufenthalt dort sind 12 Std. bis zum weiterflug...benötige ich dafür ein Visum?

    Vielen Dank
  2. sebt

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    National Germany (DE)
    Transit China (People's Rep.) (CN)
    Destination Thailand (TH)

    China (People's Rep.) (CN)

    TWOV (Transit Without Visa):
    - All transiting passengers are subject to passport control.
    For more details on document requirements, please enter
    China (People's Rep.) as a destination.
    Visa required, except for Those passengers continuing their
    journey within 24 hours (or within the same day at Guangzhou -
    CAN) to a third country by the same or first connecting
    aircraft, and holding documents and confirmed tickets for
    their onward journey. Leaving the airport transit area is
    allowed. Overnight facilities are available outside the

    Visa required, except for Nationals of Germany, provided
    arriving at and departing from Shanghai Hongqiao or Pu Dong
    airports only, continuing to a third country within 48 hours
    and holding confirmed onward tickets and all documents
    required for next destination.

    Visa Issuance:
    - On arrival: if required, (although it is highly recommended
    to obtain a visa prior to arrival): a transit visa can be
    issued at Dalian airport only, for a stay of max. 7 days
    provided passenger:
    - is in transit to a third country;
    - holds confirmed onward tickets;
    - is a national of a country having diplomatic relations
    with China (People's Rep.).
    Fee: if holding a photo USD 11.-. If not holding a photo USD

    Additional Information:
    - In connection with the outbreak of influenza A(H1N1), all
    arriving passengers will be required to complete a Health
    Declaration Form and submit it to Quarantine Officers, prior
    to clearing immigration. Regulations and screening
    procedures are dependant on the airport of arrival and are
    subject to change at very short notice. Flights arriving
    from countries which have reported confirmed human cases of
    influenza A(H1N1) infection will be subject to onboard
    temperature screening, prior to disembarkation.
    Health and Quarantine officers may pay particular attention
    - passengers arriving from (or having recently visited)
    countries which are reporting high numbers of human cases of
    influenza A(H1N1) infection; or
    - those suffering from flu-like symptoms or fever.
    Upon completion of individual assessments, passengers will
    be allowed to continue through immigration or may be placed
    in quarantine, should the quarantine officer consider it

    - Passengers not complying with the entry or transit
    regulations will be deported by same or returning aircraft. ... formation/

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